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Surprise Proposal in Cardiff Castle

Updated: 7 days ago

Last week I was contacted to shoot a surprise proposal in Cardiff Castle. Max had been planning this for 2 months and he was so excited. This was a challenging shoot because I had to prepare and plan how to do it. I had also never done anything like this before.

Cardiff Castle it's located in the heart of the city and offers proposal tours, which is a beautiful idea if you are planning to propose.

I arrived at the castle and spoke to the staff and we planned our approach. Afterwards, I was directed to the Octagon stairs where the proposal was going to take place. The place was quite dark and narrow, and there were a lot of technical things to keep in mind when you are shooting a once-in-lifetime fast-moving event. However, the most important thing to remember is to capture good moments.

So, the moment arrived and they were observing the hall when Max went on his knee and asked the question - he proposed and she said 'Yes'. The only place I had to stand was the stairs but I managed to capture some beautiful images.

Next was the celebration, the champagne and my heartfelt congratulations.

I couldn't allow Max and his fiancee to waste such a memorable day, so we decided to go out and shoot some portraits. Our next stop was Bute park, which is just 2 minutes walk from the Castle. I love this park because it offers so many great spots that you can use to capture wonderful pictures.

Thank you Max and Letitia for letting me be part of this great moment.

I wish you all the best!!

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